Nick Rahall On The Issues


Protecting coal miners, their jobs, their families and their safety has always been a top priority for me and will continue to be. I will continue to oppose the President and EPA when they propose laws and regulations that will hurt West Virginia and cost us coal industry jobs.  And, I will continue my longtime fight to promote mine safety and ensure that retired miners receive the full pension and benefits they were promised.


I will continue my fight to create new, high-paying jobs and preserve the ones we have.  As the ranking Member on the Transportation Committee, I will keep pushing to bring needed highway and interstate improvements, along with the jobs they create, to our state. We will keep working to improve the job creation environment for small businesses and help industry and our universities work together to bring hi-tech jobs to West Virginia, as well as doing all we can to continue to build West Virginia’s reputation as one of America’s top destinations for outdoor recreation and tourism.

Buy American

My efforts to promote products “Made in America” and “Made in West Virginia” will continue.  I support tax incentives for companies that create American jobs and oppose tax breaks for companies that ship our jobs overseas.


I have always believed that quality healthcare must be accessible, affordable, and available for every West Virginian. Let's fix portions of the new healthcare law that need to be corrected while ensuring that Insurance companies can no longer deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions or place arbitrary financial caps on the amount of coverage patients can receive. And, as I voted to do, let's allow patients to be able to keep their existing plans.

Social Security and Medicare

Nothing is more important than our nation’s commitment to seniors.  Social Security and Medicare benefits have been earned. They are not give-away programs. I will continue to steadfastly oppose anyone in Congress who tries to raise the retirement age, slash Social Security benefits, phase out Medicare or turn it into a voucher program that will mean higher out-of-pocket costs for seniors.

Military And Veterans

I believe in maintaining a strong military. I also believe that we must provide proper training, pay and benefits to members of the military. In addition, it is critical that we honor our long-standing commitment to our veterans.