Rep. Rahall's Campaign Calls For Evan Jenkins To Stand Up to His Out-Of-State Puppet Masters, Reject Dark Money

HUNTINGTON, WV -- Rep. Nick Rahall’s campaign once again challenged Evan Jenkins to join him in condemning dark money spending from groups like Jenkins’ own out-of-state puppet masters who are refusing to disclose their funders or follow federal elections rules.

Previously, Rep. Rahall wrote an op-ed in the Charleston Gazette stating that “groups who play by the rules should not be silenced, but it is time to reign in those who operate in the dark. The voting public has the right to know that the political money impacting their local elections is not contaminated.“

Rep. Rahall’s campaign re-enforced his call for Jenkins to stand up to his out-of-state billionaire backers, specifically urging Jenkins to reject campaign spending intended to benefit either campaign by organizations that refuse to publicly disclose their funders or follow the federal election rules already in place for candidates, parties, political action committees and Super PACs.

“Whether Evan Jenkins is skipping out on his veterans committee hearing to fundraise in New York City or pushing the agenda of shadowy outside groups who want to jeopardize black lung benefits for coal miners, Jenkins has consistently shown he puts the interests of his out-of-state puppet masters over hardworking West Virginia families,” said Rahall Campaign Manager Samuel Raymond. “While Rep. Rahall has a clear and proven record of fighting for West Virginia’s values in Washington, Jenkins out-of-state billionaires want him in Congress to push their agenda – and it’s past time he did the right thing and stood up to these dark money billionaires that are propping him.”