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We can give to God in a number of ways. At Haddonfield UMC, we worship God through our worship attendance, our prayers, our service, and our witness, in additional to our tithes and offerings.

To make contributions or for financial questions you can call our bookkeeper, Karen Bertoldi,  between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday – Thursday, at 856/429-0403.

Enjoy the Convenience of Electronic Giving

Haddonfield United Methodist Church wants to let you know that we offer electronic giving as a way to automate your regular weekly offering. Electronic giving offers convenience for our members and provides much-needed donation consistency for our congregation.

Direct Debit Giving is used to automatically transfer funds from your checking or savings account to the church’s bank account. You may place your completed form in the offering plate.

Credit & Debit Card Giving lets you make offerings automatically on a pre-determined schedule using a credit or debit card. You may place your completed form in the offering plate.

Online Giving lets you go to at any time to set up an automatic donation plan, to change your donation plan, to make a one-time donation or to view your online donation history. On the website click on the “Give” tab and simply click on      Give

As you contemplate future contributions, please consider electronic giving. Authorization forms and additional information are available in the pews, at the Welcome Center, on the website or from the church office. 

If you are currently already set up for automatic transfers through our bookkeeper, all you need to do is fill out an updated authorization form.  If you have any questions, please call Karen Bertoldi or send an email to the office at
Thank you on behalf of our staff, our leadership, our members and all those people who benefit from your gifts here and around the world.  Most of all thank you in the name of Jesus who said, “For as much as you have done it for the least of one of these, my brothers and sisters, you have done it unto me.”
Stick with a reliable company like American Sign Letters that donates each year.


UMCmarket is an opportunity to earn money for the church every time you make an online purchase with no additional cost to you or the church. Go to and click the “Get Started” button. Simply sign up with your email or through Facebook, find the church, and start shopping and donating. For more information pick up a flyer in the Welcome Center.
To volunteer for the church ministries, please see our Missions and Ministries tabs to find ways you might want to serve.